1000 W
 35.000 Hz
Perfect for plastic-processing applications
35 kHz Class
1000W at 35kHz version of our new BSG Ultrasonic Generator series for reliable, high-performance Industrial Ultrasonic Application. Industry proven 19“ housing makes it easy to integrate this unit in various machine designs. Suitable for multiple well known applications like:
  • Ultrasonic Welding (thermoplastics, contacts, metals),
  • Punching (of thermoplastics or textiles),
  • Cutting (textiles, foods, foils, rubber),
  • Ultrasonic cleaning, emulsifying or dispersing (of liquids)
Extended Function set includes Frequency Auto-Tuning, Soft-Start, Preset Ultrasonic Parameter for switched applications, External analog Amplitude, Limit functions, Halt functions, Temperature control, Line Overvoltage protection, Visual error Indication, easy to use graphic display with pleasant Menu function. Electrical Converter protection and stop function, Actuator control with Force, Distance & Pressure measurement. 5 Different view modes for best indication within your system.
Get a demo device for real life tests within your application.
BSG3510-RA Value/Option
Frequency: 35.000 Hz
Power: 1000 W
Weld Modes: Time
Hand (Manual)
Interfaces: Local Control (SPS)
Actuator Control (direct)
Profibus, Profinet
Halt Conditions: max Power
max Energy
max Time
max Temperature
max Distance
Local Control: 2,3" monochome Display
15 Key Console
Data Set: 16 Presets
Dimension: 19" Rack Mount:
21TE/3HE, 107x128x446mm